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Welcome To Breathe, Balance & Blog

Being that this is the first of many posts to come, I'd thought I should start things off by expressing my utmost gratitude to YOU, the reader for taking the time to, well, read. This journey of student, to practitioner, to now business owner has been both challenging and rewarding in its own right.

Now, that the dust has finally begin to settle, I find myself having a little more time to do things that I enjoy doing; Such as writing this post!

Like planting a seed, you must water and take care of it in order for it to grow and yield you fruit.


The first time I really heard this word, (not just verbally, but conceptually) was my first day of Chinese Medicine school. There is a saying that "Qi flows where the mind goes". Meaning, energy, will, and intention is directed where our minds are. Whether in our bodies or in our environment, a good Intention can quite literally shape our reality.

Therefore, my intention for this blog is to share the knowledge and wisdom that i have gained, am gaining and will soon gain throughout the years to come.

Why Breathe & Balance?

In Chinese Medicine school, we are first taught the roles of the organs in the body. Makes sense right? In order to know how the body works, we need to know the what the organs actually do.

The very first thing we do when we are born is.... BREATHE. We take a big deep breath in through our little lungs, inhaling the fresh oxygen. Throughout life, we take sighs of relief and we hold our breath in anticipation. We see something beautiful and call it breath-taking. We laugh so much we cant breathe. And when the time comes, on our death bed, it is the very last thing that happens as we exhale. Thankfully, we don't consciously control our breathing, but we unconsciously forget how to breathe due to life stresses.

The essence of meditation is syncing the breathe with the mind. Its the hardest simple thing we can ever learn! But when we breathe we can

balance our mind.

Lungs (fèi ) AKA:
The Delicate Organ

The Lungs are called the "Delicate Organ" not just because the pleural membrane is 1/50th the thickness of toilet paper, but also because how susceptible they are to disease. According to Chinese Medicine theory, diseases begin to attack the Lungs first. They play a vital role in immunity and control the movement of Qi(life force) in the body.

Think about it, when we first get sick, we often notice a cough. What happens when we stop breathing? Exactly.

Healthy Lungs = Healthy Life.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is an excellent way for you to de-stress, take a sigh of relief and begin to notice some more balance in life. It can help boost the immune system andkeep everything flowing smoothly.

Thank you again so much for reading. More posts to come! Please feel free to leave a question or comment in the box below.


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