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Dr. Evan Snow


Everyone finds their healing path at different points in life. Evan found his passion for Chinese Medicine after traveling around the world as an expat on a journey looking for answers. Did he find it? Nope. Like the influential novel The Alchemist, Evan managed to find the answers back at home in North Carolina, rather than remote areas of the world.


After coming home from traveling he was faced with stress, anxiety and digestive issues. He stumbled upon a BBC documentary on Youtube about the healing benefits of Chinese Medicine. It took a mere 11 minutes into the documentary for him to realize immediately that this was his calling.

He took a leap of faith and began his studies to the mountains of Western North Carolina where heavy emphasis was placed on dual Eastern and Western medicine training. With 3,500 hours of didactic classes and over 400 supervised clinical treatments, Dr. Evan has attained the Diplomate of Oriental Medicine with the NCCAOM, the highest level of credentials in the US. He currently specializes in pain management, dermatology, gut health, endocrine health, cosmetic acupuncture, herbal medicine and stress elimination. 

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I understand your struggle

Breathe & Balance Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine is more than just a clinic, it is a place where all of your health needs are heard and each treatment is unique to you. Dr. Evan Snow prides himself on genuine patient-centered care and is passionate about helping you get the help you are looking for.


Are you stressed out and in pain? 

Believe me, i get it.

There is nothing worse than dealing with all our health stressors in life compounding into our neck and shoulders. They are physically tight from carrying that weight around. I know mine are.

We are so busy with work and life. We forget to eat, our sleep is thrown off and our bodies are literally begging for attention in the form of pain.

Enough is enough!

Let's work together to help you manage the physical, mental and emotional stressors that you are dealing with.

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