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Treating a woman with Acupuncture

Start Living Well Again

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Uptown Charlotte 

Meet Amelia

Why Choose Us?

Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Patient centered care in a compassionate and relaxing atmosphere.

We naturally treat the ROOT, not just the symptoms.

Why Naturopathy

Do you struggle with:

Medicinal Herb


Acupuncture is amazing at relieving knee, neck, shoulder, or low back pain. It will help decrease inflammation and increase recovery time.



Tired of being tired? We get it. Now let's get to the root of why. From sleep issues to awake issues, your body is fatigued and we can help restore your vitality



Migraines can be so debilitating that it might feel impossible to even do any simple task.

Digestive and metabolic health


Feeling bloated all the time? Crashing in the middle of the day? Constipated or loose bowel movements? This is where acupuncture and herbal medicine shine the most by bringing balance back into the gut.

Skin stuff

Whether it be hormonal acne or wrinkles and dark spots. We offer cosmetic and microneedling treatments so you can GLOW



Have you ever been so stressed out that you become even more stressed? We can provide a comprehensive lifestyle management plan to help you reclaim your life back.

What to expect

Initial intake

We start by listening to your story. In order to provide the best results we will uncover all the potential causes of illness. From that "minor" car accident 20 years ago, to a challenging relationship. Every life event is significant and we want to know about it.



Comprehensive treatment

This is the fun part you've been waiting for. The doc will then create a personalized acupuncture treatment that is uniquely tailored to what it is that you want to work on. Then it's your time to relax, destress, breathe & come back to balance


Your future...

The most important aspect of treatment is follow through. Every treatment is cumulative and depending on what your health goals are and how severe the symptoms present, the doc will suggest a follow-up treatment plan. The majority of those who follow through yield the greatest results.

What others have to say about us.

"Dr. Evan is absolutely amazing! I came in for back pain and he made me feel heard and seemed to know exactly what to do to help. I've been pain free for months!"

Hours & Locations

Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays

IVY Integrative

1520 South Blvd. IVY

Suite 228. Charlotte, NC


Meditate at the beach

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